George J. Elgin (859) 781-8028 Cincinnati, OH


Worked independently, requiring minimal supervision, partnering with clients in solving problems, and taking the initiative to understand their business needs. Twenty years real time systems product development experience. Duties have included coding, design, development, modeling, prototyping, research, and network/systems administration. Programming has included (but not limited to) C, C++, Fortran, KSH (CSH, Bash etc) , Perl, Php, PL/SQL, Tcl/Tk, and many assembly languages. Applications have included ATE, Avionics, LAN/Wan Communications, Call Processing, Database, GUI's, Device Drivers, Process Control, and SCADA. Developed software, and staged hardware includes minicomputers, personal computers, workstations, and firmware for embedded processors

Hardware/Operating Systems

UNIX Systems Aix, DG-UX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Sco, Sun OS. Legacy operating systems such as Aos/vs, iRmx, mpx, rsx11, and VMS. Custom real-time operating embedded systems similar to VRTX or VXWorks. Array Processors, Bridges, Communications Protocol Monitors, Gateways, In Circuit Emulators, Logic Analyzers, Csu/Dsu Modems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Prom Programmers, Routers, RF/AF equipment, Scopes, Switches, Synchro Resolvers, and custom analog/digital I/O devices.


Arinc, Arpa/Berkley Services, Camac, CompactPCI, CDE, Ethernet 802.3 802.14, GPIB, HPIB, IEEE488/754, Iso8583, MILSTD 1553/1679, Motif, Multibus, NFS, NIS, ODBC, OSI, PowerPC, POSIX, Postscript, RS232/422/449/485, RTP, SDLC, SQL, Tcl/Tk, TCP/IP UDP/IP SLIP, Token Ring 802.5, VME, X-11, X.25.


07/12 - Consultant Internut Software Engineering.

Linux Postfix/Sendmail administration with various spam fighting tools. Porting of C/C++/Perl/Php code from the Solaris to the Linux environment. System administration including, but not limited to Bind, MySql, Postfix, and Sendmail. C, Perl, Php, and MySql programming for econometrics database. Server Administration for amavis, Apache, bind, iptables, MailScanner, myDNS, mysql, and their Web Based database driven user interfaces.

02/12 - 06/12 Telecom Database Consultant, Federal Express, Memphis TN.

Porting of C language code from Solaris/Sybase to Linux/Oracle. Sybase C pre-compiled (prec) into ansi C ported over to Oracle Pro*C This code functions as phone server gateway and dial-in network logging access of client's devices using many proprietary socket's interfaces . Source control maintained using subversion.

09/11 - 01/12 Production Support, Bank of America Merchant Services, Louisville, KY.

Development and Test for Autosys job scheduler upgrade involving many scripts (ksh, and sqlplus). Centralization of email functions with perl Mime::Lite, and Config::IniFiles providing Initialization for a centralized messaging function to later facilitate porting this Oracle based software from AIX to Linux.

1/05 - 04/05 HW/SW Test Intellon Corp, Ocala Fl.

Automated Test modifications to tcl DejaGnu like testing system. Ethernet Link Layer programming to test Arm926 csma/cd firmware as the unit under test. This test bench/test suite was the test executive used to load firmware into ARM developer suite of programs armsd, or armaxd. Hardware timing for the uut was provided via C++ models long before actually creating arm core as real hardware.

8/04 - 11/04 ETL Programmer Sprint, Overland Park, KS.

Batch programming strategies in C, and Perl programming for data warehousing ETL group. C porting of applications from AIX to Solaris. Creation of C language utilities. Designed, and implemented custom Perl utilities to support generation of job control language (XML). Automatic generation of configuration files (SQL and ascii)using similar strategies. Creation (design code, and test) of large data verification system using compiled regular expression libraries (ansi C under UNIX). Generation of Dbm (C and Perl) utility to support configuration file indexing. Work with UNIX Systems administrator to create customized perl's for real time performance improvement, and database access (oracle DBI::DBD).

1/04 - 4/04 Systems Programmer Certegy Inc., St. Petersburg FL.

Completed work on several UNIX multi-threaded oracle 8 Pro*C, PL/SQL real-time transaction processing applications. Some were AIX 5, and others were DEC Tru64. All involved proprietary protocols developed on top of UDP for check processing. Testing for an XML electronic interchange package.

9/01 - Present Econometrics, and Stock Market Forecasting, GFE Consultants

Creation of Microsoft Access databases using LWP. DBI, and ODBC programming to convert SQL queries into static web-pages. Installation of ActiveState Perl (with CPAN modules), and PHP (with Pear Pecl extensions) for Solaris 5.9 to facilitate DBI/DBD access to this same data from a web-server (apache). CGI, Perl programs to present this data as dynamic web-pages. An ETL demo is available on the web. Software and Apache configuration as ported to Fedora Core Linux.

8/01 - 10/01 Porting Engineer Pivotech Corp Piscataway NJ.

Custom network programming for Motorola power pc HA Linux 2.2.17 kernel. Setup of ace libraries environment. Installation of programming, and debugging tools such as ddd (a gui for gdb), MySQL, Source Navigator, and Tcl/Tk to this environment. Porting of socket based code to this machine from nt. Debug of rtp (rfc1889) applications, with customized protocol stack. Wrote c++ based daemon to start up processes with a tcl/tk based user interface to replace a Windows 2k service. Perl programming as system utilities. Use of mks source integrity, and autoconf based make files to support this work.

1/01 - 4/01 DB Programmer Merck and Co., White House, NJ.

Modified single threaded multidatabase oracle loader, and converted to parallel loading. Pro*C, and SQL*Load were modified. Custom perl was written to create multiple heavyweight processes (one for each oracle database) under HP-UX 11 to allow for parallel loading rather than round robin loading.

7/00 - 12/00 Programmer Key Voice Technology , Sarasota Fl.

Ported their Microsoft Visual C++ incorporating Standard Template Library code for a unified messaging application from windows based hardware to Red Hat Linux 6.2. Changed their C/C++ based NT api's to use Rogue Wave socket, and multithreading calls. Dialogic cards, and their UNIX streams drivers were installed to be operated via this ported software in a prototype of future voicemail hardware. GNU UNIX tools g++, gnuPro, samba etc. were configured in the Linux/NT networked environment. Visual SourceSafe was the configuration management tool that ultimately contained a common source code.

1/00 - 7/00 Configuration Manager Rockwell Automation , Cleveland Oh.

Worked on configuration management (build) procedures incorporating Microsoft Visual C++, make, nmake, omake, and clearcase under windows NT for production builds of their C/C++ based RSLogix5000 NT PLC controller product. Active State perl with GNU UNIX like 4NT environment incorporated many utilities like blatt, lex, perl etc. into these builds.

6/99 - 11/99 SCADA Engineer Diamond Shamrock, San Antonio Tx.

Cisco 2500 hosted socket layer interface from X.25 to TCP/IP scada systems protocol converter. C under Sco 5.0.5. Database replicate for shared memory interface via. tcp/ip sockets to peer Sco open desktop servers. Serial line ip interface from Sco's computone (RS232) serial multiplexor (RS423) to DEC Alpha satellite terminal server.

9/98 - 5/99 OLTP Programming/Admin First Data Merchant Services, Sunrise Fl.

C coding for Aix 4.2 based Netx TCP/IP, and SNA iso8583 debit card transaction processing financial system. Reporting systems enhanced to Email daily statistics. Reporting with cron jobs written in awk, Perl, and Pro*C on the Solaris 5.5 operating as well as an Aix operating system.

8/97 - 1/98 Simulation Systems Mitre Corp , Absecon NJ.

C coding for Aircraft traffic simulation enhancements. Collision detection coding, and Sybase data formatting using awk, perl, and C under Solaris. Model plots generated via html interface to map engine. Data feeds from arinc pacific flight route data used to extrapolate to future traffic.

3/97 - 8/97 Sockets Developer LDDS/Worldcom , Jackson Ms.

C/C++ coding of TCP/IP server for Fraud detection data feed. Changes to data formatting from DSC switch type to Ericsson switch type. Data was then fed to 3rd party Ingress database via solaris/emc nfs mounted flat files.

12/96 - 2/97 System Administrator Harvard Astronomical Observatory , Huntsville Al.

System/Network administration for networked Solaris UNIX systems. Data acquisition confined to one subnet. Support for DNS outside this subnet, and NIS inside this subnet. Support of UNIX servers including passwd administration, and NFS based server tools.

4/96 - 11/96 Motorola Cellular Subscriber Group , Harvard Il.

RS422 based barcode label controller for Allan Bradley PLC 5 interface. Tcp/ip socket connection from RS6000s thru terminal servers to this hardware. Other C/C++/Tcl/Tk programming with Aix operating system, and Oracle database to support Process Control, and Test of Cellular Phone Manufacturing applications.

9/95 - 2/96 Smith Kline Beecham , Valley Forge Pa.

C Client/Server Account management program to run under UNIX. Client TCP/IP, Windows DLL called from Visual Basic. UNIX socket based server was ported to HP-UX, Silicon Graphics, Solaris, and SunOS. This custom sockets Server code handled local passwd files as well as yp/nis master passwd changes.

6/95 - 9/95 Hewlett Packet Co , Atlanta Ga.

Customer support for HP Vue/X11/Motif, and Xterminals. Work to simulate customer problems as well as providing general guidance on installation, and programming issues involving HP-UX revisions 9.x, and 10.x.

2/95 - 6/95 Advantis Corp , Rolling Meadows Il.

Rewrote in C/C++ heritage multi-connection, multi-port TCP/IP software used for call processing, and transaction based T1 communications systems. This software provided a common peer to peer protocol api over sockets in order to interface Sun, AIX, and OS2 networked nodes.

12/94 - 1/95 GE Fanuc , Charlottesville Va.

Wrote in C language code to test FIP (1 Mb/sec) interface. Development in Microsoft C, and source control in the HP-UX environment for a target 80186 processor.

9/94 - 11/94 AT+T Business Systems Group , Columbus Oh.

Systems Administration, and Database support for a large Oracle based call center. Reports showing center activity using data browser in conjunction with cron. Modifications to C language socket based oracle server for HP-UX I70 database server, and HP-715 database clients.

6/94 - 9/94 Mead Data Central (Lexis/Nexus), Dayton Oh.

Enhancements of C/C++ client software (Dialup, TCP/IP, and X.25) to provide real-time interface to their server systems. Platforms included DG Avion, Sun IPX, and NCR. Did future planning for VMS based TCP/IP access with DecVAX 3100.

2/93 - 6/94 Teleflex Information Systems , Greensboro NC.

C, C++ coding for Oracle based cellular billing system. Pro*C, SQL/Plus, SQL/Menu, and other Oracle utilities used on Sun Solaris, and HP-UX platforms to implement these C++ applications. Class interfaces for billing, rating, and reporting were ported to sun from the HP platform.

6/93 - 1/94 Martin Marietta Aerospace , Princeton NJ.

Porting, and analysis of C, and Fortran code under UNIX for satellite applications. Specifically code was written for a bit synchronous communications product (using RS422). Also integration of 1553 VMIC 6000 VME communications card into a Sun server 690 using SBus to VME mapping (mmap). Data server for a 1750a based Client/Server diskless test bed. Design, and code of floating point algorithms for 1750a to IEEE floating point formats, and conversely.

11/92 - 5/93 Independent Consultant

Upgrade of Oracle 5.0 to 6.0 under VMS 5.0 operating system. Porting of Tables as well as C code to operate against Oracle. UNIX instructor for (vi, Awk, regular expressions...) on HP9000s HP-UX operating system.

2/90 - 10/92 GE Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati, Ohio

Extensive rework of heritage data acquisition HW/SW to monitor, and control aircraft engines under HP-UX. Developed in C a Real Time 50 ms. executive to operate in conjunction with Xlib, and Motif code for command, and control. Driver for RS-232 GE-Fanuc (series 6) PLC communications using the Berkley sockets IPCs. Link layer Ethernet network interface of real-time vibration monitoring system. Code was written for posix compliance. HP-UX System administration for Xterminals, HPIB, UUCP, etc. Extensive use of Awk, Lex, Make, Sed, Yacc along with many other UNIX shell tools.

1980 - 1990 Various

Consultant or Employed in a variety of industries such as EMC, GE, Honeywell, Rapistan, RCA, Sperry, and Xerox. Firmware applications done during these years. See Employment Addendum for details. References available on request.


BA CumLaude (3.5/4.0) in BOTH Mathematics, and Physics from State University of New York college at Brockport. Graduate Studies (Mathematics) Brown University, and (Applied Optics) University of Rochester Institute of Optics.

Employment Addendum

1/89 - 12/89 Rediffusion Flight Simulation, Tulsa Ok.

Simulation of Aircrafts/Control Systems for DC-8 in Fortran 77+ on a Gould SEL computer. Developed timing program to track spare times, and frame totals for ALL running simulations. Programs to describe global common (Data Pool) from source files were written.

10/88 - 12/88 Rapistan, Grand Rapids, Mi.

Prototyping of Operator Interface (FMS), Logger, and Queue Handling in "C" for a Materials Handling System where the PLC's were driven from a VAX 6200. Queries to the SQL database (ORACLE) were done for screen generation via. preprocessed "C" Pro*C language.

3/88 - 9/88 Honeywell Commercial Flight, Phoenix, Az.
Device Driver/Touch Screen Menu Driven User Interface for System Wide Diagnostic Self Test in "C" language on HP 1000 computers running RTE-A. This GPIB/IEEE488 check out of hardware with Software included Switching, Power Supplies, DMM's, Digitizers, Synchro Resolvers, Arinc, 1553, and other interfaces. The testing was to insure the viability of testing Flight Boxes using a custom ATLAS/patch panel interface for each UUT.
8/87 - 2/88 Loral Data Systems, Sarasota Fl.

Telemetry Data Analysis package to run on a DEC NET cluster. User Interface on a microVAX GPX running UIS graphics in DEC Windows precursor to X-Windows. FILE I/O done with QIO on the VAX 8650 because of timing required for the huge files that needed to take place.

7/86 - 6/87 Lear Siegler Avionics, Floram Park NJ.

ATE development in C, ASM86, and PLM86 with Intel standard iSBC products. Bit Bus SDLC like communications was developed for Multiprocessor control of Prom Based slaves. Test language development to test UUT's with IEEE488, 1553B communications A/D's D/A's etc. Support work for iRMX86 test stands was done on a VAX.

1/86 - 4/86 OAO Corporation, Red Bank NJ.

Computer consultant CECOM US Army. Support for ECM systems. Setup of PDP 11/23 running RT-11 in a RF laboratory environment to support this effort. Review of MilSTD documentation on these systems.

7/85 - 11/85 General Electric, Syracuse NY.

Hardware Software Integration of VAX real time radar application. The timing of Bit Slice radar control hardware connected to a DR11-W interface was tested using a custom test language. Many new capabilities to graphically, and statistically analyze data taken from a DR11-W.

8/84 - 6/85 EMC (now a part of TI),Cockeysville Md.

SCADA system development in Assembly and C language for Intel custom hardware. Async, and SDLC driver work for 82530 Uart chip on an Intel iSBX 534 board. Diagnostics for 8085 A/D board to solve Noise figure problem that kept products from delivery. PID algorithm, and hardware prototyping for future products.

9/83 - 8/84 RCA Government Communications, Hanover Md.

Software in languages Macro 11, and Fortran was written to support custom custom console communications hardware based on Q-Bus, and LSI 11 technology. Extensive work on boot loaders, and data compression communications software between Token Ring interfaced Data General host computers, and these slave operator consoles. Extensive support work for prom based RSX11-S was done on PDP 11/23's.

7/82 - 9/83 Sperry Flight Simulation, Reston Va.

Work on simulator programs included Marine CH53, and coast guard jet and helicopter simulators. Specifically RNAV simulation of Collin's 1553 based Auto Positioning system. Sanders Vector Graphics interface was written to test before viability of H/W. Real Time parallel data interface to night visual system graphics (Rediffusion) from the Gould SEL via the TI 980. Coding was done in FORTRAN 77+, and assembler.

8/81 - 4/82 Xerox Corp, Webster NY.

Various experimental projects in Materials development. Automation of TOF (time of flight) discharge data acquisition in Se photo receptor material. This included HW interfacing of TI 990 to shaft encoders, lasers etc. Fabrication, and Test of Piezoelectric, and PyroElectric materials for future products. Adhesion, and coatings test for Ni Substrate and Polyethylene Substrate coatings.